[Viral Flashback] 5 Tik Tok Challenges That Have Been Deadly For Some Who Have Tried

The Internet has not only made our lives easier but has also connected us all over the world Tik Tok Challenges. Without it, sharing and storing information and data would be difficult, and many of the things we enjoy, such as memes, social media, and e-commerce platforms, would not exist.

However, the Internet also has its disadvantages. For example, TikTok has made many people famous around the world because they dared to do new and potentially dangerous things in front of the camera, giving birth to dangerous TikTok trends.

Some people, especially teenagers and young adults, take things too far – instead of listening to common sense, they ignore it and participate in something that appeals to them in the name of fun or popularity. Can take life.

According to Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, teens and young adults participate in these potentially fatal challenges because of their desire to be famous or online and/or offline peer pressure.

Here are some TikTok challenges and trends that led to the death of their participants.

Let’s start with the most recent bunch. You may have heard of the Kia Challenge, in which participants carjack Kia or Hyundai cars using a USB cable to turn on their ignition after exhausting their key slot.

Participants choose cars that still use a key slot to lock and unlock the car because they don’t have a factory-installed anti-theft device called an immobilizer.

Successfully completing the procedure disables the car’s steering lock, allowing participants to drive without the owner’s consent.

However, this internet challenge ended in tragedy and notoriety for a group of six teenagers who were involved in a car accident on Oct. 24 after successfully carjacking a Kia vehicle on Route 33, Buffalo.

Four of the six who took part in the challenge died, while one suffered serious injuries that required hospitalization. The remaining member, a 16-year-old, and the group’s driver walked away from the incident with relatively minor injuries, per Gizmodo.

Authorities charged the 16-year-old with third-degree unauthorized use of a vehicle and fourth-degree criminal possession of the stolen property.

Not all TikTok trends were stunts that could prove fatal. Fractal wood burning is a creative technique that seems simple. However, it is this simplicity that makes it deadly if done haphazardly.

The technique involves using a high-voltage electrical current and a piece of wood soaked in a chemical solution to burn tree-like patterns into it, per Dexerto.

The technique involves using a high-voltage electrical current and a piece of wood soaked in a chemical solution to burn tree-like patterns into it, per Dexerto.

Although the technique attracted thousands of people to try it, it killed two people in Wisconsin who were trying it out for themselves, according to the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office.

“[Burning fractal wood] is extremely dangerous and should only be done by trained professionals,” officials explained.

At this point, you’ve probably heard of the infamous Blackout Challenge. For those unaware, the challenge involves participants choking themselves or holding their breath long enough to pass out.

Unfortunately, reduced oxygen supply to the brain can be fatal – at least five children have died participating in the challenge, according to Australia’s 7 News, including Scottish teenager Leon Brown, aged 14. has become, possibly, the latest victim of the challenge.

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