Amber Heard quit Twitter after ex-boyfriend Elon Musk took over

Hollywood actress Amber Heard quit Twitter account days after her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk took $44 billion. Amber Heard quit Twitter after ex-boyfriend Elon Musk took over

The reason why he left the microblogging platform is not clear.

Some believe she needs a break from the backlash over her defamation lawsuit with ex-husband Johnny Depp. However, others wondered if having her ex-boyfriend as the head of her social media account gave her second thoughts about staying put.

Heard and Musk began dating secretly in 2016 and went public with their relationship a year later.

Reports emerged in February 2018 that the pair had split because maintaining a long-distance relationship was becoming tough for them.

Heard wasn’t the only celebrity to take a step back from the platform after Musk became CEO. Grey’s Anatomy author Shonda Rhimes, singer Toni Braxton, and horror writer Stephen King were also unimpressed by the new $8 subscription fee for the Blue Tick badge.

Actor Mia Farrow, Madam Secretary star Ti Leoni, She-Hulk actress Jameela Jamil, as well as writers and activists Sean King and Amy Suskind are also considering leaving the site after the SpaceX founder announced the new fee. have been. From $20.

For the uninitiated, Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company, and a perfume seller, took control of the $44 billion microblogging platform last month. His Twitter bio now reads “Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator”.

After firing his top executives, he announced his new policy of an $8 monthly fee for BlueTick badges.

He created a new working policy that employees would work seven days a week and 12 hours a day. According to reports, Twitter’s remaining employees are protesting against their new chief over the workload.

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