Apple next iPad will be the most expensive with a 16-inch screen

Apple is planning a 16-inch iPad. You won’t even have to wait years to see it as it’s expected to arrive next year. Apple next iPad will be the most expensive with a 16-inch screen

Recently, the company launched its first iPad with its new powerful chip, the M2, and its biggest screen size is 12.9 inches, but now it’s planning an even bigger screen.

16-Inch iPad Is About To Arrive Next Year

Apple's Next iPad Would Be Most Expensive With 16-Inch Screen

Apart from the rumours, the main details of this iPad are coming from The Information as their source, who is familiar with the project and revealed them.

We all know that Apple has already launched a product with a 16-inch screen in previous years, which was the MacBook Pro, so it’s not a gamble that we’ll see a 16-inch iPad as well.

But what’s surprising here is that the company is already working on it, and there will be an iPad next year. Also, its launch report also clearly mentions that it will launch in the “fourth quarter of next year”.

Last year. Apple was rumored to launch a 14-inch iPad as people were clamoring for a larger iPad as foldable screens changed the perception of larger screens by simply folding them.

At the moment, Apple has yet to launch a foldable iPad, but it will introduce an iPad with a larger screen that makes the above information relevant.

Also, it will be beneficial for many people who prefer iPad over MacBook as the company has also tried to bridge the gap between them with a powerful chip, Magic Keyboard and Magic Touchpad. Who is

Still, its specs details are unclear. but it is certain that it will inherit a powerful chip along with other upgrades, which will also make it more expensive.

And in my opinion, it will be Apple’s most expensive iPad, and will cost over $1500 USD without the Magic Keyboard.

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