Apple will significantly reduce production of the iPhone 14 Plus

Apple will significantly reduce production of the iPhone 14 Plus. While Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are doing well in the sales department. the less expensive versions introduced this year may not. Production is shrinking, and the situation is worse than previously thought. This includes the larger version of the iPhone 14 Plus, which should have sold well due to its useful features.

Apple iPhone 14 Plus production down 90% since launch

According to a source, Apple has instructed at least one Chinese manufacturer to immediately stop making components for the iPhone 14 Plus while its procurement team assesses demand for the product. Apple is positioning the iPhone 14 Plus as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive iPhone Pro models. But with a bigger screen.

According to the Economic Daily News, the drop in orders for the iPhone 14 Plus is reportedly the largest in Apple’s short-term history of the smartphone . This situation puts even more pressure on the largest assembly supplier, Pegatron. The supply chain partner announced on Oct. 12 that it will begin a hiring drive to help meet demand. Unfortunately, the selection was reversed on October 15, three days after Pegatron’s decision to hire additional staff. Thus, the iPhone 14 Plus production cut has cost thousands of future jobs.

The 6.7-inch base model of the iPhone 14 now faces the same fate as the iPhone 14 Pro, but consumers have shown more interest in the Pro and Max models, likely due to their various upgrades. The iPhone 14 Plus was marked by several improvements. Including a larger display, better cameras, and more, but it failed to attract significant attention.

Possible reasons include global inflation as the rising cost of living has reduced the purchasing power of millions of people, making them unable to afford upgrades. We’ll update our readers if the situation changes, but unfortunately, the current situation seems dire so far.

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