Arlo release all-new Pro 5S 2K Security Camera

Arlo Technologies, Inc., a recognized award-winning brand, has announced the all-new Pro 5S 2K security camera. It’s the latest addition to its award-winning Pro Series.

Arlo explains that the camera is supported by its most comprehensive app experience ever. It is supported by the redesigned Arlo Secure app which has a very intuitive interface. This interface streamlines access to critical tools such as emergency response.

Pro 5S 2K Key Features

  • Dual Band Wi-Fi Support: It connects to the strongest network available between 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz.
  • 2K Video with HDR: Users can get crystal clear details in every picture.
  • Better battery life: Multiple ways to save battery life, especially by connecting to Secure Link-enabled devices. The battery offers 30 percent longer battery life than the Pro 4 camera.
  • Built-in Smart Siren: It triggers the alarm remotely or during an event.
  • Two-way audio: Enables users to listen and talk to viewers. Annoying noise like wind is reduced.
  • Color Night Vision: User can still watch videos in color, not old style black and white.
  • WIRE FREE AND WEATHER RESISTANT: No problem installing indoors or outdoors.

How the Pro 5S 2K Security Camera Works

The biggest advantage of this camera is when connected to Arlo’s exclusive Secure Link technology. It provides a lot of benefits to the user that people cannot find in existing security tools.

When in sleep mode, users benefit from increased battery life. The Pro 5S 2K security camera also connects with other SecureLink devices.

Additionally, tri-band connectivity offers longer Wi-Fi range and reduces RF interference and active jamming efforts. The image quality is maximum for the user.

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Arlo Technologies’ Pro 5S 2K security camera is the most reliable camera the company has made to date. Its power is seen with the integration of three wireless technologies in one without sacrificing simplicity.

With this new device, users will be able to protect everything important in their homes. The intuitive Arlo Secure app ensures easy access to comprehensive monitoring tools, thereby providing greater efficiency for the overall Pro 5S experience.

Need to get the Pro 5S 2K now? It is available for pre-order through Arlo and Best Buy for $249.99 MSRP.

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