Bigg Boss 16: Shalan Bhanot, Gautam Singh Vig have to physically separate after fight over symbol

The new promo of Bigg Boss 16 shows Gautam Singh Vij and Shalan Bhanot engaged in a fight that almost turns physical. Watch the video here.
The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 16 is all set to witness a heated debate that threatens to turn into a physical fight. In the middle of the fray are Shalan Bhanot and Gautam Singh Vig, who almost come to blows over the battle of Sambal Tawkir. Fights are reduced to some extent only after the other housemates are physically separated.

The fight was shown in a promo for the new episode shared by the show’s official Twitter handle. On Wednesday evening, Bigg Boss’s Twitter handle shared a glimpse of the fight between the two actors. The video opens with Sambal sitting with several other housemates, including Gautham, who grill him on his closeness to Shalan. There are rumors in the show that Shalan and Sambal are falling for each other. Later, the video shows Sambal telling Shalan about her ‘ragging’, prompting him to ask her who said all this. She takes the name of Gautama.

The next part of the video shows an angry Shalan storming into another room, confronting Gautham over his comment towards Sambal. “She’s my friend. I can tell her anything,” Gautham retorts, accusing Shalan of babysitting Sambal. Things get heated and the other housemates are there to separate the two. Arriving is seen as they almost get into a fight. At one point, Shalin says, “I’d beat you if I were allowed.” The two aggressively walk towards each other but the other housemates Pull them back.

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