DuckDuckGo Browser Beta Is Open For All Mac Users

DuckDuckGo Browser’s Beta Is Open For All Mac Users. Internet privacy company, DuckDuckGo, is developing its own browser, which is said to be more focused on privacy, and now, the beta of its browser is open to all Mac users.

Also, many people are saying that DuckDuckGo browsers got some amazing new features that weren’t in the closed beta, so let’s discuss all the details below.

Here Are DuckDuckGo Browser Beta’s New Features

Here Are DuckDuckGo Browser Beta's New Features

The company announced its desktop browser in December last year and in April they released the closed beta and now the open beta is available for everyone to download on demand from Mac users.

Windows users still have to wait. After receiving feedback from closed beta users, the developers introduced several features, which will apparently eliminate ads. The open beta of this browser has many new features, such as a new player for videos.

This new player aims to block targeting and ads in videos and the best part is that it will work on YouTube videos as well. And the company also claims that it has helped closed beta users well.

In addition, it now introduces password management integration with Bitwarden, and as they note, it’s a more secure and easy-to-use login credentials manager.

In addition, the company has also upgraded the automatic cookie pop-up consent handling, which will reduce the loading time of the website, and you can access the website without accepting or viewing it.

There’s also some new integration with the Email Protection extension, which the company launched two months ago, so you can access it immediately.

How To Download DuckDuckGo Browser Beta In Mac

To download DuckDuckGo Browser Beta, you just need to visit this link and click the download button, and you will get a DMG file to extract and install. Also note that your device is running macOS 10.15 or later.

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