Genshin Effect Characters Age, Birthday, and Level [Guide]

Deciding the ages and birthday celebrations of Genghis Effect Characters is precisely difficult. That is on the grounds that MiHoYo hasn’t delivered a ton of data connected with these characteristics in their characters. In any case, we can surmise how old a large portion of the characters depends on legend, comics, fine arts, and character choice screens.

In the event that you love Genshin Effect, you should plunge into the attributes of each person. It’s a characteristic reaction, particularly since the game contains an outfit of characters you can and can’t play. That is the reason we are giving the Genshin Effect characters of all ages and levels for enthusiastic devotees of the game. Continue to peruse to figure out more.

Genshin Effect Characters Age

What’s more, MiHoYo has classified its characters as indicated by three life stages: kid, teen, and grown-up. Consequently, we can limit Genshin Effect characters’ age with the age scope of every class.

So, recall that the vast majority of the ages we will give in these rundowns are not precise. Despite the fact that we say their ages are characterized, they may not be an ordinance. Besides, the time of Genshin Effect characters will fall into an age range rather than one explicit, exact number.

Consequently, we probably won’t have the option to say precisely how old Klee or any of the different characters are. Regardless, we can give a fair gauge.

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Notes on Unambiguous Characters

While the vast majority of these characters have an estimated age, some help has our premise that makes their age more clear. For instance, Kenya and Diluc may be around a similar age as per occasions expressed in the game and manga.

What’s more, when Jean was a knight, Diluc was her boss. For this reason, she refers to him as “senpai” (a Japanese expression alluding to additional senior individuals) despite the fact that Diluc quit the Knights. This could imply that these two characters are close in age, with Jean being 21 and no more.

In the meantime, Barbara and Jean are sisters, with Barbara being the more youthful of the two at 16-18 years of age. Fischl’s age is likewise something like 16 since she gained Electro Vision when she was 14. The story has suggested the way that no Electro Dreams have turned out in the beyond 2 years, making Fischl’s age more characterized.

Moreover, Ninguang’s personality was in her “initial years” 10 years prior when an occurrence occurred. The way this was expressed implied that she was more youthful than 18 10 years prior. At this point, she’s something like 28.

Then again, Xingqiu expressed that he learned hand-to-hand fighting when he was youthful — and that was quite a while back. His dearest companion, Chongyun, is likewise possible his age or if nothing else near his age.

MiHoYo likewise adds updates to the game that change explicit characters’ ages. For example, Tartaglia (Childe) was 14 when he turned into a fighter. He was the most youthful Harbinger at 18 years old. In the variant 1.2 update, his status changed from teen to youthful grown-up, making him more seasoned than 19.

Genshin Effect Characters Age: Characters With an Indistinct Age

How Old Is Albedo?

Sadly, we can’t decide even the surmised age of all Genshin Effect characters. This is additionally valid for Albedo, the homunculus that was made by chemist Rhinedottir. His age is totally muddled on the grounds that we don’t have the foggiest idea about the specific date he was made. From his appearance, he could associate with 17 to 20 years of age.

In view of what we can accumulate from the legend, nonetheless, almost certainly, Albedo was made after the Disaster. In any case, we can’t give an age since we couldn’t actually say whether he ages similarly to people. Consequently, fans should be happy with not knowing how old he is.

How Old Is Xiao?

Like the Archons, Xiao, an Adeptus individual from the Yakshas, maybe more than 2,000 years of age. He unquestionably seems like he would be mature enough to have partaken in the incomparable Archon Battle with Rex Lapis.

How Old Is Yae Miko?

Calamity is an extraordinary marker for deciding a Genshin Effect character’s age range. This is additionally the situation for Yae Miko, Raiden Ei’s companion who was alive when the Upheaval happened. Subsequently, she ought to be more than 500 years of age — however, we can’t tell precisely how much more seasoned.

How Old Is Yanfei?

From the presence of this half-enlightened monster, Yanfei is by all accounts around 15 to 20 years of age. Nonetheless, it’s said that she was brought into the world during quiet times. This implies she was potentially conceived whenever after the Archon War, however, it’s as yet indistinct when her introduction to the world was.

Genshin Effect Characters Birthday (Arranged by Month)

While we can’t gauge the specific year of birth, we in all actuality do know which day of the month each Genshin Effect character was conceived. HoYoverse was sufficiently benevolent to deliver the authority dates for every one of the darling characters.

As players, you ought to pay special attention to these dates as each Genshin Effect character conveys birthday sends with remunerations and things on their exceptional day. You can likewise make postcards or good tidings for them when your #1 characters’ birthday comes around. Here are each character’s birthday celebrations organized by month.

Note: we did exclude The Voyager on the rundown since his/her birthday will be founded on the player’s birthday.

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