Google’s new splash screen icons now appear on home screens.

As part of the company’s effort to establish a new visual branding, Google introduces splash screen icons for its users’ Contacts, Messaging, and Phone apps.

The new animated logos are now available to users as Android Police reports that the new look is becoming more and more available to users after launch.

Splash screen logos aren’t the only ones coming to Google’s communication apps.

According to a previous Android Police article, this visual rebranding by Google follows the company’s push for a better messaging experience for users across all devices.

Additionally, users will see limited visual changes to the icons of the Messages, Phone, and Contacts applications after installing the update from the Play Store.

Google claims that the new dynamic icons will blend in with other icons on users’ devices, especially for Android phone users and Pixel users in particular.

Currently, animated logos are not yet available when users open the mobile app, but users who open Google Messages on the web will see splash screen icons.

Android Police says these icons will appear before the system takes the user to chat threads in Google Messages.

9to5 Google details that if users have chosen to select “Remember this computer,” the animation will appear on future page reloads.

The logo’s animation starts with a light blue circle that expands into a messaging bubble, layered over a darker icon to arrive at an animation somewhat similar to the one the company shares on YouTube. goes

Google’s improvements to Phones, Messages, and Contacts aren’t just for looks.

Google’s visual rebranding strategy comes as the company also plans to improve the features of its messaging app to make it look more iOS-like.

According to CNet, Google’s development of its animated icons precedes a series of updates the company plans to roll out to improve its texting function.

This function will not only introduce splash screen icons but also a feature that makes it possible to design custom emojis.
Coming updates to Google Messages will reportedly include allowing users to reply to an individual message in a conversation when RCS is enabled.

This feature is similar to Apple’s iMessage feature, which allows users to reply to a message without breaking the flow of the conversation.

PhoneArena writes that the improvements will also allow users to auto-transcribe messages and see reminders for important moments and appointments without having to switch between different apps.

Additionally, the improvements will reportedly let users watch YouTube videos within a conversation and reply to texts while doing so.

It will also allow users to mark messages that contain addresses, door codes, and phone numbers, making it faster to find them.

CNet says Google is even partnering with United Airlines to bring this free RCS texting to flights that also offer other text services like iMessage and WhatsApp.

RCS is being touted as an alternative to SMS and is reportedly the reason behind Google’s rebranding of its communication applications.

According to PhoneArena, Google Phone and Contacts will also see a rollout of updates in the coming days to make Google a recognizable and accessible communication tool for everyone.

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