How to Clean Energy Charging works on your iPhone (iOS 16.1)

In this article we guide How the Clean Energy Charging works on your iPhone (iOS 16.1) Today, Apple was finally able to deliver on its promise, delivering some of the missing features during the initial release of iOS 16. And there are many other features. Small details that can be often overlooked. Such as the addition of clean energy charging. We had few details about the feature. But now, we know exactly how it will work. Thanks to a support page detailing the ins and outs.

How to Clean Energy Charging works on your iPhone

Clean Energy Charging is quite intelligent, detecting your local energy situation as soon as the iPhone is plugged in. This feature works in conjunction with Optimized Battery Charging to learn your habits. The Clean Energy Charging feature will only turn on when the phone knows that you will keep your phone plugged in and charging for long periods of time. This can happen at work, home, or any place where the phone is left charging for a long time. Perhaps most reassuringly, the feature won’t engage when you’re somewhere new, which means no nasty surprises when you’re traveling and charging on the go. Will be. Apple states that because it needs your location for this feature, it will retrieve location data when necessary.

Clear Charging works

Once it learns your pattern, the iPhone will retrieve carbon emissions forecasts from the local grid, to understand when it’s okay to charge your phone using clean energy. While it may seem like a small thing, it can have quite an impact, especially when you consider how many iPhones are eligible to upgrade to iOS 16. A few small things to note are that this feature will be turned on by default with iOS. 16.1, but you can choose to turn it off by going to the Settings menu, Battery, then Battery Health, and finally turning off Clean Charging. Secondly, this feature is currently only available for those living in the US. So, if you are in another region, you will not have access. Apple has not said whether it will roll out Clean Charging to other countries.

Apple announced iOS 16 in June during WWDC22, which included various features such as a new custom lock screen, focus mode enhancements, several UI changes, upgrades to messages, improvements to Apple Maps, and more. . With its latest update, iOS 16 is now more complete. Thankfully, the firm has delivered with iOS 16.1, and if you want to know about Clean Charging or other aforementioned features, you should download the update on your iPhone. Just make sure you have a compatible iPhone.

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