How to used Split Screen on Android 13

In this article we can guide you how to used Split Screen on Android 13. Google first introduced the cut up display function with Android Nougat. Back then we have been in most cases the use of navigation buttons and now no longer gestures. To allow cut up display all we needed to do is drag and drop an app to 1 a part of the display. But now matters are unique and may say pretty tough for brand spanking new users.

The cut up display function is available in accessible while one wishes to multitask. Let’s say you need to be aware down some thing at the same time as looking a video on the equal time, cut up display is the function that assist you to do that. It might not be as powerful on smaller screens than on pills and foldable telephones. But now maximum telephones have as a minimum 6.five inch display and therefore cut up display is getting greater attention.

If you’ve got got been the use of cut up display pretty often, you could without difficulty parent out a way to apply it to Android 13. But in case you don’t, here’s a manual to cut up screen on Android 13. I expect you’ve got got already up to date your phone to Android 13, so shifting on with the manual.

How to Split Screen on Android 13

Step 1: Open both the apps you want to use in the split screen view. Skip this step if you’ve already opened them.

Step 2: Now launch the Recent Apps page. To access the Recent Apps screen, the process is different for the gesture and navigation buttons. If you’re using gestures, swipe up from the bottom and release the middle of the screen.

How to enable Split Screen on Android 13

Step 3: Now on the Recent Apps page locate the first app you want to use in the split screen.

Step 4: Once done, long tap on the app icon which will be located at the top. It will show some options, here you have to choose Split Top. If you have a non-Pixel phone, the option you have to choose is open in Split Screen View.

How to enable Split Screen on Android 13

Step 5: When you choose to open an app in split screen, the app will reduce its size to accommodate the top half of your phone’s screen. While in the second half, you will find the recent apps screen. On Samsung phone you can select second app from app drawer.

How to Split Screen on Android 13

Step 6: Now choose the other app from recent apps to use both apps at the same time in split screen view.

Depending at the UI, enabling cut up display screen or navigating thru cut up display screen may be distinct on distinct phones. The technique above is for Pixel and different stock Android phones. But don’t fear the manner will now no longer be that distinct on different phones.

How to Resize Split View for Split Screen on Android 13

After switching to break up display mode, you may now no longer locate textual content alternatives to control the mode. And hence it will become tough to apply features like resizing every app window. Here’s the way to resize app pages in Split Screen view.

Resizing apps home windows in break up screen is easy enough. Touch the dividing line among apps and drag it up or down relying at the app web page area you need to resize. Release at a factor that corresponds to the desired app window size.

How to Interchange Apps in Split screen view

Let’s say you want to send the app that is below to the top and vice versa. You can do that too in the split screen view.

How to enable Split Screen on Android 13

Double tap at the dividing line among the two apps and the 2 apps will switch locations with every other. And in case you are a Samsung proprietor then faucet at the dividing line and you may get options. Touch the interchangeable icon.

How to Exit Split Screen

Now after you now not want the cut up display and need to switch to everyday mode, you want to go out the cut up display.

To go out the cut up display, contact and drag the dividing line to the intense pinnacle or excessive left relying at the app placement you need to maintain open. For example, in case you need to maintain open the app at the lower window, drag the road to the pinnacle.

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