Apple iPhone 15 Pro Would Feature Solid-State Volume & Power Buttons

In this article Apple iPhone 15 Pro Would Feature Solid-State Volume & Power Buttons .New details of the iPhone 15 have arrived regarding its design and side buttons on its chassis. According to this description, next year’s iPhone’s volume and power buttons will inherit the solid-state version.

By making these buttons solid. it’s clear that Apple will create another way to use them. so the company is looking to give nostalgia by picking technology from older iPhone models.

Apple Would Replace iPhone 15’s Button Clicks With Taptic Engines

Apple Would Replace iPhone 15's Button Clicks With Taptic Engines

As a trusted analyst, Ming-Chi Ko has shared a whole series of tweets on this solid-state replacement for Apple’s buttons.

Let me explain it in simple language, the company will make the volume up, volume down, and power buttons solid state. and their purpose and layout will remain the same.

And to make these buttons work, Apple will add a haptic engine for each button so that through this haptic feedback the button can do its job just by tapping, and it will also vibrate while tapping.

The best example of this is the home button on the iPhone 7 and 8. and almost everyone knows or may have used it in the past that the iPhone’s home button was unique because it didn’t hold down. could go

Because it was solid state and for performance, it also operated on haptic feedback.

It would be interesting to see this technology on the iPhone’s side button. and besides, we won’t have to wait that long for it as the iPhone 15 will launch next year.

Like the iPhone 14.the iPhone 15 will also inherit many new changes and improvements as it is also expected to get a USB-C port, making it the first iPhone with USB-C instead of a Lightning port.

Apart from that. Kuo has also mentioned that this change is only expected to be seen in the Pro models as the company has done with many differences in the iPhone 14 series, which really works well for them.

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