iPhone X With Foldable Capabilities has been Created by a Chinese YouTuber

We all know that Apple still wants us to wait this long for a foldable iPhone, but iPhone X With Foldable Capabilities has been Created by a Chinese YouTuber What would a foldable iPhone look like?

The developer has made it possible using iPhone X and Motorola Razr (2019), and also, it took a long time to develop, so let’s discuss all the details.

Apple’s Foldable iPhone Might Take Time

Apple's Foldable iPhone Might Take Time, But Someone Built It With Motorola Razr

Chinese YouTuber

A YouTuber from China, whose channel is called Tech Aesthetics, posted a video yesterday that took the internet by storm as he made a foldable iPhone using custom parts from other smartphones.

You can also watch this video below. Also, it is becoming popular in the community as its construction process takes a year of hard work by the developer and his team.

And what makes it more special is its creation as its foldable chassis is made from a Motorola Razr, and other design and other internals are done with iPhone X.

The resulting smartphone is named the iPhone V by its creator because it can be folded into a V-shape like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series, but it is not as flexible.

When they were experimenting with making its display foldable, they used 37 iPhone X screens before finding the final one, and in the end, they went with flexible OLED. And its other features are same as iPhone X.

Apart from the hardware details, it runs on iPhone V iOS, and to make its screen responsive for split-screen action, they have used jailbroken modes.

Also, a week ago, Samsung also targeted Apple in its ad because it has been rumored for years to launch a foldable iPhone, but we haven’t seen it yet.

Also, Apple will reportedly not unveil a foldable smartphone, as Mark Gorman recently noted Apple is working on a foldable iPad that will arrive in 2025.

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