Jabra launches Evolve2 Buds True wireless earbuds to the hybrid workers

Today, more than ever, hybrid working is a staple for most professionals. Recognizing this, Jabra, a leader in voice and office solutions, launched the Evolve2 Buds.
Jabra understands how important it is for professionals to be able to work on the go. With the new Evolve2 Buds, it’s now easier for the working professional to work from anywhere.

Why Evolve2 Buds?

If you’re a professional who constantly participates in virtual meetings, these buds are designed to increase concentration and improve collaboration. Using Microsoft Teams and Zoom, the wireless earbuds help reduce distracting background noise so you can make clear calls.

Jabra claims on its website that professionals using the Evolve2 Buds can engage in “pitching from the kitchen, making calls from a co-working space, or fitting in status meetings around the daily dog ​​walk.”

In addition to reducing noise, and enhancing conversation quality, the Evolve2 earbuds also offer stable connectivity and increased mobility. Users enjoy a long wireless range of up to 20 meters/65 feet. This means the user has the freedom to move around in a home or remote work environment without having to compromise on call quality.

Features of Evolve2 Buds

Certified for Microsoft Teams and other closely related platforms
Multi-Sensor Voice technology combined with Jabra process helps block out unwanted sound by using multiple microphones.
Use of hear-through and single earbud enables users to hear surrounding sounds through the earbuds.
Improved battery life of at least 33 hours of use is a huge boost that comes with wireless charging technology.
Advanced multipoint connection enables connection to two devices simultaneously.
A plug-and-play USB adapter offers enhanced connectivity.
Adjustable ANC to filter out background noise and help the user focus better
The highly discreet design offers ultimate comfort and a professional look.
Working class professionals will always have more freedom and flexibility which makes working from anywhere much easier. These earbuds play an important role in increasing employee engagement in hybrid work.

Evolve2 Buds will be available in late November for $269. See more information from the Jabra website.

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