Mozilla Firefox latest update fixes sudden crash issue on Windows 11 – here’s what we know

Mozilla Firefox is now as stable as ever on Windows 11.

Mozilla recently launched an update that finally fixes Firefox’s constant crashes and hangs after the latest Windows 11 version update.

The update is now available for all users to download, but those who don’t want to can implement a workaround to prevent Firefox from suddenly closing after opening it, per Bleeping Computer.

Mozilla Firefox 106.0.3 Update Details

Mozilla mentions in the release notes for the latest Firefox update, 106.0.3, that it comes with a fix for the app crashing or hanging immediately when some users open it.

Additionally, it fixes an incompatibility issue with the new Windows 11 22H2 OS update that causes the web browser to hang when copying text to a web page where Windows 11 recommends an action clip. The board feature is enabled.

The issues fixed in the Firefox update started occurring when some of its users tried to use the web browser after updating their computers to the latest Windows 11 update, version 22H2, where the recommended Action Clipboard is enabled by default.

Some users reported that Firefox started crashing on startup, rendering the web browser unusable, while others said the web browser hung for a while before regaining functionality.

A user named Derek Liu described the problem, saying that Firefox freezes for more than 20 seconds when it encounters the problem, according to his post on Bugzilla. During this time, the entire window (Chrome, viewport) is unresponsive to their input.

Although Firefox is unresponsive, it appears to work even when videos and animations are playing. After some time, the browser becomes usable again.

Finally, Liu found that this recovery time depends on the number of extensions loaded on Firefox, as their default profile can freeze for minutes before regaining functionality.

Users who have downloaded and updated their copy of Firefox have reported that the update fixes issues that have popped up since the latest Windows 11 OS update. Then re-enable the recommended action feature, per MS Power User.

How to download an update or apply a workaround

Firefox users who want to check if they already have the latest update can do so per Ghacks by selecting the menu and then clicking “Help.” Next, click “About Mozilla Firefox” to see what version they currently have, as it checks for updates when opened.
When it finds a new update to download, the web browser will automatically download and install it.

However, for those who want a workaround, disabling the Recommended Actions feature can fix Firefox temporarily. Follow these instructions to do so:

  1. Open the Start menu and type clipboard in the search bar.
  2. Select Clipboard Settings from the results that appear. Doing so will open the System Clipboard Settings window.
  3. Find “Suggested Actions” and toggle the switch next to it to turn it off.

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