Netflix Would Launch Cloud Gaming In 2023

Netflix may also plan to bring a cloud gaming platform alongside its mobile games. This description is not a rumor or a leak as it comes directly from the company’s VP of Games Mike Verdo.

As we all know, a few weeks ago, Google announced the shutdown of its Stadia platform, one of the largest community cloud gaming platforms, but Netflix is now racing to claim that title. Ready to join.

Netflix Is Working On Cloud Gaming Streaming

Netflix Is Working On Game Streaming

As I already mentioned, Netflix’s VP of Games, Mike Verdu, noted this at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 conference held on Tuesday.

“We’re very seriously exploring cloud gaming offerings. so we can reach members on TVs and PCs,” said Verdu, which you can watch in the video below.

We all know that Netflix made a big push into mobile gaming last year. Launching several titles this year. And even launched its own game studio. Which is now expected to work on cloud gaming as well.

Further, Verdu mentioned that “we’re going to approach it the same way we did with mobile, which is to be small. Be humble, think and then build. But it’s a step. What we think we should do is meet members where they are on the devices where they use Netflix.

With this statement, we can expect that Netflix may already have a complete plan for its cloud gaming service. And that it may first introduce it with a Netflix subscription. And then we will have a separate plate for it. You can see the form.

Thus, we may also see a game controller from Netflix in the future, like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

In addition, Verdo also talks about the differences between Google Stadia’s business model and theirs, suggesting that Netflix will learn from Stadia’s mistakes.

Currently, it’s a complete mystery when the company will unveil its cloud gaming projections, but it’s highly expected to arrive next year.

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