PC Games Get Major Update on Windows 10 and 11

Big news PC Games Get Major Update on Windows 10 and 11. PC games will now load much faster on your system. This is because Microsoft has finally released DirectStorage 1.1 with GPU decompression for Windows 10 and 11. This is the latest update to Microsoft’s new API for Windows that aims to speed up load times.

PC Games Get Major Update on Windows 10 and 11

For the layman, this means games will load faster, but you’ll need higher-end SSD storage to get the best results.

The new and improved DirectStorage will let game creators shift the workload of decompressing files from the system’s CPU to the GPU, thereby reducing loading times. This should benefit the latest GPUs better as they can handle parallel processing well.

Microsoft announced the release of DirectStorage 1.1 via a blog post earlier this week. This post includes guides for developers as well as a quick overview of the feature for those who want to get it. A previous blog post included an in-depth explanation of the feature when it was in its final stages last month.

This feature works best with a fast NVMe SSD drive that works with a modern GPU, allowing the system to do more work at once, the blog post explains.

Graphics cards are extremely efficient at performing repetitive tasks in parallel, and we can do more at once by using this capability with the bandwidth of a faster NVMe drive. As a result, the amount of time it takes to load an asset is reduced, reducing level load times and improving open world streaming.

GPU decompression is now available on Windows 10 and 11, but Windows 11 should work better with it because it has additional optimizations that make it the recommended OS for the feature. Manufacturers also optimize their hardware to work better with Windows 11 systems.

Nvidia, Intel, and AMD also announced support for DirectStorage 1.1 earlier this week. The feature should work best with the latest driver updates from hardware manufacturers.

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