Porsche took its rivalry with Tesla to a new level with the tri-motor tycoon flagship

Porsche will take its rivalry with Tesla to a new level by developing its flagship tri-motor Tycoon alongside the Tesla Model S Plaid.

The German automaker is seeing its rivalry with Elon Musk’s Tesla enter a new dimension after it began three years ago at the Nürburgring race track.

Taycan and Model S

In 2019, Porsche took its Tycon electric car to the Nürburgring race track. Musk also used the same racetrack as a testing ground for prototypes of the Model S plaid, with some success.
But after the Model S Plaid’s success on the racetrack, it took Tesla two years to bring the car out.

Following the vehicle’s launch, Tesla brought the new Model S Plaid to the Nürburgring race track, where it beat Porsche’s Taycan EV by registering an impressive record lap of 7:35.579, reports Electrek.

It was at the Nürburgring race track that the rivalry between the automakers began.

Tycon Bates Model S Plaid and a Controversy

Porsche didn’t sit back and take things. The German automaker brought the Tycon back to the race track. This time, the Tycoon has shown its genius by beating the Model S Plaid’s record by a hair – two seconds – believed to be the fastest record for an EV.

However, a controversy arose after that. It turns out that the Tycon was developed with a performance enhancement kit that was carried over from the 2023 model Tycon Turbo sports sedan.

New Tycon with tri-motor design

Porsche wanted to settle the score with Tesla by coming up with a new design.

Auto Express reports that the German automaker has developed a new Tikon with a tri-motor design.

According to Auto Express, Porsche’s Lycan Turbo S is the fastest EV ever to lap a racetrack. But the automaker didn’t stop there.

A new report has indicated that the German automaker is ready to unlock more power from its electric sports platform.
The latest images leaked on Auto Express suggest that the electric supercar, in its pre-production stage, could outrun the Tesla Model S Plaid with a potential power output of over 1,000bhp.

First spotted on public roads, the soon-to-be-rolled-out Taycan sports a new look. But it seems there is no end in sight if the leaked images are to be taken seriously. Looks like Porsche is bent on coming out with more from its already supercharged Lycan.

The leaked images point to one fact coming out of the German automaker’s furnace: the possibility of an electric GT model.

While this model needs a firm and track-oriented chassis, there are indications that Porsche is giving it a substantial upgrade.

Power comes with a price.

There is no doubt that the new Tri motor will overtake the Turbo S in terms of speed.

Of course, the supercharged tri-motor will command a hefty price tag. Given its powerful performance, Auto Express predicts a slight increase from the Taycan’s starting price of £75,500. The upcoming flagship will cost £142,400 more than the Turbo S.

The German automaker has not yet announced when the Tri-Motor Tycon will be available in the market.

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