Roborock Robot Best Vacuum Deals – Updated October in 2022

Roborock makes some of the best robot vacuums on the market right now, and they are priced very competitively. But it’s always good to take advantage of deals on these Roborock robot vacuums. And luckily, Roborock usually has a few kinds of sales going on. So you will always be able to save on a new robot vacuum.

Roblox’s robot vacuums are primarily divided into two lines. The E-series is the more affordable lineup, which still offers some great performance and suction. While the S series is generally the top-of-the-line robot vacuum.

Best Roblox Robot Vacuum Deals

Now that the newly announced Roborock S7 is available to buy, and has a launch discount, it’s going to be hard to beat. But we especially like the Roborock S6 MaxV, which includes a stereo camera and AI, so you’re able to steer the vacuum, and it’s less likely to run into things. Like walking on furniture, walls, or things like shoes and scales. Not to mention increased suction.

Besides the S6 MaxV, Roborock also has some really great robot vacuums available. And most of them are mops too – except for the E series and S4. So you can sweep and mop your floors while vacuuming carpeted rooms. Make your home beautiful and clean.

All Roborock robot vacuums support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant as well as Homekit and Siri for the Apple users out there. Allows you to use your voice to control your robot vacuum. It also works with the Roborock app, which is a very robust app that allows you to see a map of your home and where the vacuum has been cleaned, as well as when maintenance on your vacuum may be needed. Is.

Below, we’ve listed all the current deals for Rub rock robot vacuums. So you can take advantage of them, and save some good money.

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