Twitter Blue Subscription Resulted Blue Tick Impersonations

Twitter’s worst decision was to launch Twitter Blue Verification, and now, the company has realized it after the Twitter Blue Tick impersonation mess.

Also, the company is planning to remove the paid Blue Ticks feature from the subscription altogether, as it has discontinued the Twitter Blue sign-up.

Twitter Paused Blue Subscription Sign-ups

Twitter Paused Blue Subscription Sign-ups

We all had high hopes for Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, but now there are doubts as Twitter goes through different states day by day, like a new feature is launched, and the next day it’s gone. went.

But an even bigger mess was providing a blue verification badge with Blue Subscription, the effects of which ranged from verified accounts to flooding the platform with trolls everywhere.

As the Jesus Christ account was confirmed on Twitter, a fake Nintendo account with a blue tick posted a picture of Mario’s middle finger, and many new accounts with fake blue ticks are trolling the platform.

When details leaked about the arrival of the blue verification badge in the $8 Twitter Blue subscription, everyone already predicted that this mess would make its way to the platform as well.

There was also an expectation that the company had already figured out a way to deal with this, but due to its misunderstanding and haste, it failed.

Also, they came up with a solution which was “official gray color badge on profile”, but it didn’t work, and they returned it, but today, Musk announced to relaunch it.

In the current situation, the company has stopped new sign-ups for Twitter Blue subscription as they may fix these impersonation issues.

As stated in the tweet above, the company has asked staff to suspend the launch to prevent further disruption and to “help resolve simulation issues”.

Currently, there is no exact information on what the company will do next. Will they continue to sell blue tick badges in blue subscription or stop this feature?

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