YouTube Improves Live Streaming with New Features

YouTube Improves Live Streaming with New Features

YouTube is planning to make live streams more interactive with a new feature that will help streamers and viewers connect better than ever. The video-sharing platform is introducing a live Q&A that will use the same system as live chat, but is structured with different rules to make it easier to ask questions.

The new Q&A feature can be used via the Live Control Room during a live stream. This update will also bring live polls to the table along with the live Q&A feature. It will also work with the existing live chat system, which means banned words will be automatically filtered out and you can even report some questions.

Moderators on a live stream will have no control over live Q&A or polls unless they have manager or editor channel rights. Moderators will be able to access the list of questions and select questions to answer.

The questions will be automatically sorted in chronological order and when the number exceeds 200, the old questions will start disappearing. The feature will only allow one question per minute to avoid chaos.

It’s worth noting that live Q&A and polls won’t work with smartphones, and Q&A session details won’t be stored in YouTube Analytics.

This is how the feature will look in action. see video

Recently, YouTube has made some notable changes to the platform, such as dark mode, ambient mode, and an overhaul of YouTube Music as well. In an effort to prevent fake messages and spam on the platform, the app has also introduced official handles for each user, similar to Twitter and other platforms. This gives everyone an official username that is unique to them, making it easy to distinguish between a real YouTuber and a potential fake account.

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